The brand

Since its genesis in 2016, humility has established itself as a true imprint of its time, offering an effortless wardrobe, with sober and structured lines and revealing a modern femininity that frees itself from the ephemeral dictates of contemporary fashion.

Humility reinvents the timeless and essentials of the ideal wardrobe, with a concern for modernity by playing with minimalism and sobriety.

Balance and simplicity are the key words of his style. a communion between comfort and pure lines essentially expressed on a palette of natural colors.

Humility is not just a brand, it is a way of
life, an attitude that everyone can adopt and personalize.


Iconic products.

From the riu pants, boasting an unrivaled cut, to the apron dress reinterpreting the workwear style, through the cozy sweater with loops and the two-material dress with refined subtleties, these emblematic pieces are adorned with an apparent simplicity, concealing lines of captivating complexity.

Privileged materials.

Enveloping textures: soft, soothing and warm, like curls. fresh and soft fabrics, sometimes imbued with an artisanal touch: linen to awaken the senses. finally, poplin, fine and slightly shiny, bringing structure to the silhouette while exuding simple elegance.

Evocative patterns.

Oversized checks, diverted from men's wardrobe and Homewear, which embed the style in a comforting expression that makes you want to curl up in it.


Texture and material.

The taste of generous and comforting materials, textures
enveloping or crisp, the materiality brings warmth to the sobriety of the lines.

Balance and harmony.

Combinations of shapes, materials and colors without overdose or visual contrast: creations which are part of an overall harmony in which the elements fit together without suffocating each other.

Structure and synthesis.

Inspired by tailoring know-how and the subtle art of chunky knitting, humility diverts the structured in order to give it “effortless” flexibility, with a concern for synthesis, the quest for essence, and a taste for outline; the brand creates new looks, the volumes create new lines beyond the body.